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Zoran Bujas

Zoran Bujas, Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Date of birth:

  • 12/27/1910

Place of birth:

  • Split

Date of death:

  • 01/11/2004

Academic titles:

  • Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Doctor of Science
  • Professor emeritus


  • Professor (retired) - Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb
  • Honorary Director - Cabinet for the Research of the Structure and Function of the Sensory Organs CASA
  • Professor emeritus - University of Zagreb
  • Vice-President - CASA (12/19/1989 - 11/21/1991)
  • Provost - The University of Zagreb (1956. - 1958.)

Functions at the Academy:

  • Vice President - Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (12/19/1989 - 11/21/1991)

Membership in Academy:

  • Full member - The Department of Natural Sciences (06/20/1968 - 01/11/2004)
  • Extraordinary member - The Department of Natural Sciences (06/29/1960 - 06/20/1968)

Bujas studied psychology at the universities of Zagreb and Paris. After doing research at the Laboratory for the Psychophysiology of Senses headed at Henri Piéron at Paris, Bujas started his professional career in Zagreb as a consulting psychologist in vocation guidance. From 1938. to 1981. he was professor of experimental and physiological psychology at Zagreb University. After retirement he engaged in research at the Laboratory for Sensory Psychophysiology of the Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.

The main fields of his research interest were sensory psychophysiology, psychometric, and work psychophysiology. In sensory psychophysiology he was primarily concerned with studies of taste and the problems of psychophysical scaling. In psychometrics he worked on the construction of achievement and cognitive tests, trying to bring test situations nearer to real situations in which these functions show themselves. In work psychophysiology he investigated manifestations of fatigue, various forms of rest, end effects of motivation on work output and energy expenditure.

In his research he was primarily interested in methodological problems and approaches in investigation. He was the editor of Acta Instituti Psychologici Universitatis Zagrabiensis.

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