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Velimir Kranjec, F.C.A.

Date of death:

  • 02/07/2002

Academic titles:

  • fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • doctor of Science


  • Professor (retired) - Faculty of Mining Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb

Membership in Academy:

  • full member - Department of Natural Sciences (07/24/1991 - 02/07/2002
  • izvanredni član - Department of Natural Sciences (03/11/1986 - 07/24/1991)
  • associate member - Department of Natural Sciences (06/06/1975 - 03/11/1986)

born 17. June 1930. Ivanić Grad, Croatia.
Parents: Andrija K. and Milka /nee Pečić/ - farmers.
Marr : Vesna Bačić Kranjec, prof. of pedagogy and piano.
Ch.: daughter Željka., prof. of piano and son Zoran, Dipl. Eng. Geolo

Education: Technical Faculty Univ. of Zagreb / 1955., Dipl. Eng. in Mining Geology/; D. sc. in geological science /1965., Faculty of Min. Geol. Petroleum Engineering/ Univ. of Zagreb.

Employements: asst. Inst. Oil and Coal Geology, Technical Fac., Univ. of Zagreb /1955./, -docent Inst. Gen. and Applied Geology, Fac. Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, U. Zagreb /1965.j,--extraordinary prof. /I969./, -full prof. /1973/ and head /1973 - 1981/ Inst. Engineering, hydro- oil and coal geology, Fac. M:in. Geol. and Petroleum Engineering, U. Zagreb. - Office: 6 Pierottijeva, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Membership and functions:

-Collaborator member - JAZU /1975/, Extraordinary Member - JAZU /1986/ and Full Member of HAZU - Zagreb /1991/;
-President of Croatian Soc. - Zagreb /1972 - 1974/;
-President of Scientific Counncil for Petroleum of HAZU /1985 - 1989/;
-Member of INQUA - Neotectonic Commission - Stockholm;


- Rudjer Bošković Award for scientific work in Natural  sciences - Petroleum Geology /1983/, Zagreb, Croatia;
- Honorary Member and Member of merit of Scientific Council for Petroleum of Croatian Academy - Zagreb;
- Member of merit and  Honorary Member of Nat. Techn. Eng. Soc. - Zagreb.
- Medal, University of Zagreb /1998/,, for scientific, pedagogic and the other enclosures in U. Zagreb.

Bibliography (see reduced list)

- published about 90 scientific papers in home /Nafta - Zagreb, Geološki  Vjesnik -  Zagreb, Bull. Sci. Cons. Acad. Yougosl. /A/ - Zagreb, Pomorski zbornik - Rijeka, .../ and foreign geological journals - mostly research problems and results in petroleum geology of Pannonian vasin and Adriatic submarine region;
-more than 100 professional and expert studies, particularly with different subsurface geological maps and neotectonic;
-several books and text-books for students in graduated and postgraduated study courses

Scientific and professional meetings:

- participated at many geological congresses and scientific meetings, mostly oral presentations entitled /see some in reduced list/.

Scientific projects:

- Ieader of several lasting projects aboat petroleum geological, structural geomorphological and neotectonical exploration in different regions of Croatia /financiers: SIZ-III and Ministry of science/; collaborator in several other projects with similar studies and with other leaders.

Educational activity:

had numerous courses
- on gratuated study for students of geology, mining and petroleum:
Geological mapping, Structural geology, Subsurface mapping, Fossil fuels geology, Petroleum and gas-layers geology, Fluids layers geology;
- lectures on postgraduated study for students of geology:
Selected chapters in tectonic and structural geology /with acad. M.Herak and collaborator memb. E. Prelogović/, Neotectonic and morphometry /with collaborator memb. E. Prelogović/.

Theses advising:

- leader of 65 Diplo Eng. works, 10 Mag. Theses and 12 D.Sc. Theses.

Publication editing:

- editor and reviswer, member of editorship in Nafta - Zagreb, Geološki vjesnik - Zagreb, Rudarski zbornik - Zagreb.