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Born 10 January 1950 in Brčko. Finished elementary and secondary school (Fifth Gymnasium) in Zagreb. In 1969 enrolled in the Chemistry Dept. of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb. Received BA in 1974. In December of 1974 employed as assistant in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Division, Institute of History and Philosophy of Science, HAZU. Promoted to research assistant (1979), research associate (1991), senior research associate (1998), and senior research fellow (2004). Since 1996 she has been director of the Division. Received MA in 1979 from Zagreb University’s postgraduate program in the Philosophy of Science in Dubrovnik, with a thesis on the chemical aspects of Bošković’s theory. In 1991, received PhD from the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, writing her dissertation on the Phlogiston Theory in the works of Croatian authors. Specialization through science academy exchange programs in Vienna (1982) and in Budapest (1984). Does research on the viewpoints of Croatian scholars in history on the topics of natural science, natural philosophy, alchemy, and iatrochemistry with respect to the development of science in Europe and the world. In those fields she has published two books, over ninety scientific articles and parts of books, over forty professional articles, and numerous popular articles and reviews. She has also done much editing (collections of articles on the history of science for the Croatian Natural Science Society, a monograph on the Faculty of Science). Currently she edits and writes texts about chemists for the Croatian Biographical Lexicon (Miroslav Krleža Lexicographical Institute). Secretary of the Section for the History of Science of the Croatian Natural Science Society (1978-1984); of the Division of Natural Science of Matica Hrvatska (1995-2000); and of the National Committee for History of Science in the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science (1978-1990). Member of the Program Committee for the scientific conference Fran Petrić Days, member of the editorial boards of the journals Acta medico-historica Adriatica  and Geo. Participated in the composition of the exhibit “Science in Croatia” held at Muzejski prostor in Zagreb, and wrote texts for the exhibit catalog (1996). Teaching at the University: History of Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy, Univ. of Osijek (30 hours) and History of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Univ. of Zagreb (20) hours). Project head, History of Alchemy in Croatia, sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology. Married with two sons (34 and 29 yrs.)



date: 06/18/08
updated: 11/11/11
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