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Mirko Orlić, F.C.A.

Date of birth:

  • 05/26/1955

Place of birth:

  • Zagreb


  • Office: Geofizički odsjek PMF-a, Horvatovac 95, 10000 Zagreb


  • office +385 (0)1 460-5930
  • +385(01)4895171


Academic titles:

  • doctor of Science
  • fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts


  • full professor - Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Functions in Academy:

  • chair - Croatian Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics (03/09/2011 - ...)

Membership in Academy:

  • full member - Department of Natural Sciences (05/12/2016 - ...)


Mirko Orlic, born on 26 May 1955 in Zagreb, Croatia. Completed undergraduate study at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (1978). Obtained M. Sc. in oceanology (1981) and Ph. D. in physics (1988) at the University of Zagreb. Visited several oceanographic institutes in Europe, worked as a visiting scholar at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Ca, USA (1993). Researcher at the Center for Marine Research of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Zagreb (1979-1983); subsequently employed at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, most recently as a tenured professor (2005-). Initiated and led a series of physical oceanographic experiments in the Adriatic; since 1983 supervises tide gauge station at Bakar. Participated in a number of projects, led four national projects and eight international projects.

Major research interests include physical processes in the sea, atmosphere-sea interaction, and methods of data analysis. Authored and co-authored more than 80 refereed publications, more than 100 conference communications (including invited ones), a number of professional and popular papers, and a book on weather and climate of the Adriatic area. The list of publications may be found on the personal web page ( The publications have up to now received more than 1500 citations.

Teaches introductory courses on physical oceanography at the undergraduate and graduate levels and a course on coastal dynamics at the graduate level. Supervised preparation of about thirty B. Sc. theses, six M. Sc. theses, and six Ph. D. theses.

Was the head of the Graduate Study of Physics and of the Geophysical Department of the Faculty of Science, a vice-dean of the Faculty of Science, and the head of the Council of Science of the University of Zagreb. Presently is a full member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the president of the Croatian Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics. Editor of Geofizika journal (1990-1992), of three conference proceedings (1999, 2001, 2008) and of a book (2011), guest editor of Journal of Geophysical Research (2004-2007) and of Journal of Marine Systems (2007-2009). Member of the Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Mediterranee, the American Geophysical Union, and The Oceanography Society. Obtained the Fulbright Award, the Croatian State Science Award, and the Croatian Academy Science Award.


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