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Marko Šarić, F.C.A.

Date of birth:

  • 1924

Place of birth:

  • Knin

Date of death:

  • 2019

Place of death:

  • Zagreb

Academic titles:

  • fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • doctor of Science


  • Professor (retired) - School of Medicine, University of Zagreb
  • Head (retired) - Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health

Functions in Academy:

  • chair - Committee on Occupational Health, Sports and Environmental Health
  • chair - Committe for Defining the Existence of an Act Contrary to the Status and Dignity of a Member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (03/30/2011 - 03/28/2018)

Membership in Academy:

  • full member - Department of Medical Sciences (07/24/1991 - 07/22/2019
  • izvanredni član - Department of Medical Sciences (06/09/1983 - 07/24/1991)

Marko Šarić was born in Knin (Croatia) on June 22, 1924. He earned his M.D. at the Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb University in 1951, and the specialists designation in occupational health in 1957. He received the Ph.D. from the University of Zagreb in 1959. In 1962 and 1963, he was at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto and in Berkeley, California having received a NIH postdoctoral research fellowship. During his professional career he spent almost 35 years at the Institute of Medical Research and Occupational Health in Zagreb. From 1964 to 1991 (when he retired) he acted as the Institute's director. Since 1962, he has also been a professor of occupational health at the Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb University.

With research interests in the fields of occupational and environmental health including toxicology, epidemiology, exposure and risk assessment, he has written over 150 scientific papers, and about 150 professional papers, reviews, criteria documents and encyclopedia papers, as well as several books. M. Šarić organized (chaired the organizing committee) the 19th International Congress on Occupational Health in Dubrovnik, Croatia in September, 1978. In 1979, he was a visiting professor at the University of Alexandria, Egypt, and at the University of Occupational and Environmental Health in Kitakiushi, Japan in 1983. From 1967 to 1972, he was a Chairman of the Committee for Health and Social Welfare of the Croatian Parliament. He was a board member of the International Commission on Occupational Health from 1978 to 1984.

Marko Šarić is a member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (elected in 1983). He is also a honorary member of several national and international professional organizations (including ICOH).

For his professional achievements, he received a "R. Bošković" award in 1977, a Zagreb city award in 1967 and 1979, a AVNOJ award in 1983, and a USA EPA Medal in 1980. He was nominated as "Laureate for 2002" by the Academy of Medical Sciences in Croatia, and in 2006 he got the "International Commision of Occupational Health (ICOH) Destinguished Award".