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Ljerka Schiffler - Premec,

Date of birth:

  • 02/06/1941

Place of birth:

  • Zagreb

Date of death:

  • 07/16/2016

Place of death:

  • Zagreb

Academic titles:

  • doctor of Science
  • full professor


  • scientific consultant - Institute of philosophy, University of Zagreb

Membership in Academy:

  • associate member - Department of Social Sciences (05/16/2002 - 07/16/2016)




Ljerka Schiffler was born on 6 February 1941 in Zagreb, where he finished her primary education and the lyceum. She graduated in Philosophy and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, University of Zagreb. In 1974, she received her doctoral degree from the same faculty to the topic covering Croatian philosophical heritage of the 16th century, concretely Nikola Vitov Gučetić.
Between 1968 and 1977, she had worked at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb. Between 1977 and 1990, she had held the position of editor at the Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Institute. In 1990, Lj. Schiffler joined the Institute of Philosophy once again.
In 1978, she became research associate; in 1984, senior research fellow; whilst in 1988, she advanced to senior researcher (her last re-election to the same post was on 22 December 1999). Several study visits to France, Germany, Italy and Austria. Continually engaged in studying the history of Croatian philosophy in European context.
Lj. Schiffler had until 2005 published twenty-two (22) books and two hundred and fifty-five (255) scientific papers, discussions, studies, reviews and articles. She edited numerous selections from the works by Croatian and foreign philosophical writers. She co-operated in publishing many Croatian lexicographic and encyclopaedic editions treating the subject of Croatian and European philosophers (the Croatian Biographical Lexicon, the Croatian Lexicon, the Encyclopaedia of Fine Arts, etc.). She has edited the Philosophy section of the Croatian Biographical Lexicon since 1983. She edited articles on Croatian philosophy for the Croatia and Europe edition published by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. She translated several philosophical works, and took part in many national and international scientific symposia and congresses. Since 1991, she has been editor of the journal entitled Prilozi za istraživanje hrvatske filozofske baštine (Tributes to the Study of Croatian Philosophical Heritage). She organized several scientific symposia and congresses. In 1991, she initiated and has since then been editor of the journal Radovi Leksikografskog zavoda Miroslav Krleža (Works of the Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Institute). She is member of the Croatian Philosophical Society (chairperson in 1998 and 1999), the Croatian Writers’ Association, Matica hrvatska and the Committee of the International philosophical symposium Dani Frane Petrića (Frane Petrić Days). In 1999, she also edited the Proceedings from this symposium, which had been held on the island of Cres for several years. She organized the international philosophical symposium on Cres, dedicated to the 400th death anniversary of the philosopher Frane Petrić. She leads the scientific research project entitled Povijest hrvatske filozofije (16.-19. st.) (History of Croatian Philosophy 16th–19th ct.) at the Institute of Philosophy. She has been lecturing the classes in the history of Croatian philosophy, Croatian aesthetics, Renaissance philosophy, and Frane Petrić at the Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb since their establishment. She has further held the position of full professor of the History of Croatian Philosophy at the Chair for Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, University of Zagreb since 1998.
Lj. Schiffler received several acknowledgements and awards for the fields of philosophy and literature (the Award of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts for exceptional and lasting contribution for the Republic of Croatia in the field of social sciences, 1994; the Acknowledgement of the Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Institute for exceptional and years-long contribution to the successful operation of the Lexicographic Institute, 2000; Medallion of Honour of the Primorje-Gorski kotar County of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Cres for scientific contribution to the illumination and the promotion of philosophical works by Frane Petrić, 2002).
Lj. Schiffler has been an associate member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2002.



date: 10/13/11
translated by Gorka Radočaj
edited by D. Torbica