Jela Maresić,

Date of birth:

  • 01/10/1961

Place of birth:

  • Podravske Sesvete


  • Address: Zavod za lingvistička istraživanja HAZU - Ante Kovačića 5, 10000 Zagreb


  • Phone +385(0)14698205


Academic titles:

  • doctor of Science


  • scientific Advisor - The Linguistic Research Institute (2013. - ...)
  • -
  • Director - The Lingvistic Research Institute (2008. - 2019.)

Functions in Academy:

  • director - Linguistic Research Institute (2008. - 2018.)

Memberships: Committee on Dialectology of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; Committee on Lexicography of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; Kajkavsko spravišče – Society for the dissemination and advancement of science and art; Croatian Philological Society.

Dissertation: The Morphology of the Local Dialects of Podravina (2000).

Training: She has participated in several linguistics seminars and courses at home and abroad (Germany, Hungary, Macedonia).

Dr. Maresić been a collaborator on the following scholarly projects: Rječnik hrvatskih kajkavskih govora (Dictionary of Croatian Kajkavian Dialects), Istraživanje hvatske dijalektne frazeologije (The Study of Croatian Dialect Phraseology) and Istraživanje hrvatskih dijalekata (The Study of Croatian Dialects). She is the principal investigator (since 2011) on the project Istraživanje hrvatskih dijalekata (The Study of Croatian Dialects). On these projects she studied the Kajkavian dialect group from various aspects, but her main focus of interest is dialect lexicography and phraseology.
She has published two books (as co-author), one dialectological study, and more than fifty scholarly articles in national and international recognized scientific journals.
She has presented her work at domestic and international scholarly conferences (in Zagreb, Rijeka, Rab, Varaždin etc.).



date: 10/30/15
edited by: D. Torbica