Gorana Doliner,

Place of birth:

  • 07.08.1945


  • Address: Opatička 18, 10000 Zagreb


Academic titles:

  • doctor of Science


  • Scientific collaborator - The Division for the History of Croatian Music

Gorana (Čaldarović) Doliner, 7.8.1945.

Status: Research associate

  • Project: Tradition of glagolitic singing, main resarcher (202-2006)
  • Project: Tradition of glagolitic singing-comparisons, main resarcher (proposal for 2007-2010)
  • Project: Croatian music historiography (main researcher S. Majer-Bobetko; 1996-2006; 2007à)                     
  • Previous projects: Foundamental researches for history of croatian music; catalogue of music sources (main researcher S. Tuksar)


  • Elementary and Music school (piano) in Sarajevo,  1952-1960
  • Secondary school and Secondary music school (piano) in Sarajevo, 1960-1964
  • 1970              Diploma in musicology, Music academy, Sarajevo
  • 1997              PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb

Work experience:

  • 1970-1971     Radio-Sarajevo, BiH, Music collaborator, musicologist
  • 1971-1975     Music school in Sarajevo, BiH, Music teacher
  1. 1975-1980    Music academy of the University in Sarajevo, BiH, Teaching assistant, musicologist  Asistent - Prof. Dr. Zijo Kučukalić
  • 1980-1983     Music academy of the University in Zagreb, Institute of Musicology, Research assistant, musicologist
  1. 1981-1985     Music academy of the University in Zagreb, Pedagogy, Teaching assistant, lecturer
  2. 1983 -->       Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Department for                       History of Croatian Music, Research associate