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Božidar Vrhovac,

Date of birth:

  • 06/08/1936

Date of death:

  • 12/04/2009

Place of death:

  • Zagreb

Academic titles:

  • full professor


  • Professor - School of Medicine University of Zagreb
  • professor emeritus - University of Zagreb

Membership in Academy:

  • corresponding member - Department of Medical Sciences (05/17/1990 - 12/04/2009


  • born in Zagreb, Croatia (parents: Vuk & Beata)


  • graduation from a secondary (classical grammar) school

1956 – 1960

  • student lecturer at the Institute of Physiology, Zagreb Medical School

1957 – 1958

  • practical work as a student in Health Centre Mali Lošinj; Nymphenburger Krankenhaus in Münich (Department of Medicine) and Stadtspital Ward in Zürich (Department of Surgery)


  • degree (Doctor of general medicine)

1961 – 1962

  • obligatory internship - General hospital "Dr M.Stojanović" Zagreb

1962 – 1963

  • military service (obligatory) without medical school for officers, Garrison surgery Trebinje

1963 – 1965

  • Emergency service of Zagreb. First interest in adequate drug use.

1965 – 1967

  • university assistant lecturer (a temporary post) at the Department of Medicine, Clinical Hospital Centre, Medical School Zagreb; started specialization in internal medicine


  • ECFMG exam

1967 – 1971

  • hospital doctor - specialist at the Department of Medicine, Clinical Hospital Centre (as above); the task to initiate the development of clinical pharmacology, a new branch of medicine, which was to have a strong clinical orientation here


  • specialization in internal medicine (examination)

1969 –

  • onwards organization of the first properly conducted clinical trials phase III) in ex-Yugoslavia


  • assistant lecturer of clinical pharmacology (first posts in ex-Yugoslavia), founded on the basis of an agreement between the University of Zagreb Medical School and Pharmaceutical Works "Pliva" from Zagreb


  • British Council Course on Drug introduction, evaluation and safety, London (2 weeks)

1971 – 1973

  • head of the newly founded Intensive Care Unit at the Department of Medicine

1972 – 1977

  • vice-director of Drug Study Centre Zagreb (later with the Institute for the Health Service Organization and Economics)

1972 – 1984

  • member of the Drug Committee and its Working Group of the Federal Committee for Health and Social Protection Belgrade.

1972 – 1985

  • Active in promoting the principles of clinical pharmacology and rational drug use in Yugoslav drug legislation


  • co-author of the Yugoslav General Guidelines of Clinical Drug Testing, first such publication in ex-Yugoslavia


  • 1-year fellowship in clinical pharmacology spent at the University College Hospital, Section of Clinical Pharmacology (Professor D.R. Laurence). (Work with dr. Prichard on beta blockers, including early human trials) Partly the scholarship of the Republic Foundation or Scientific Research of Croatia

1972 – 1980, 1982, 1985

  • representative of ex-Yugoslavia or a temporary adviser at the Symposia on the role of clinical pharmacological evaluation in drug control (WHO Heidelberg, Deidesheim, Schlangenbad)


  • head of the Section of Clinical Pharmacology at the Department of Medicine, Clinical Hospital Centre (as above) since 1978 Clinical Institute (14 beds, outpatient department and clinical pharmacological laboratory)


  • founder of the Pharmacotherapeutic Section at the Croatian Physicians Society (of Zagreb)

1973 –

  • responsible person for the Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Programme in ex-Yugoslavia (later National Centre; WHO programme located in Zagreb)


  • a number of trips abroad, participation in various meetings, visits to well-known institutions in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, USSR, USA (FDA, Rochester, N.Y. - Professor dr. Lasagna), Spain, Poland, Egypt, Japan, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland (WHO). In Yugoslavia - participation in a number of meetings with the aim to promote clinical pharmacology and its principles and presenting the results of his research in the field (almost unknown in ex-Yugoslavia)

1974, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1982

  • member of editorial boards of domestic and international editions: the journal Pharmaca (editor: specialized ex-Yugoslav journal devoted to drugs) and Bulletin, Dijabetičar, International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Therapy and Toxicology, Liječnički vjesnik (Medical Journal of Croatia), European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Journal of Chemotherapy

1975 –

  • editor of Zagreb Drug Bulletin, first publication of the kind in ex- Yugoslavia; subscribers from whole ex-Yugoslavia


  • thesis (Doctor of medical sciences, field clinical pharmacology - the first in ex-Yugoslavia) (Ph.D. equivalent)


  • habilitation in clinical pharmacology (title "docent" equivalent to Assistant Professor)

1976 –

  • responsible for the first postgraduate course in clinical pharmacology at the University of Zagreb (the only one in ex-Yugoslavia)


  • member of the New York Academy of Science


  • associate professor of clinical pharmacology


  • full professorship; member of the Clinical Pharmacology Section of British Pharmacological Society

1980, 1985

  • editor/co-editor Handbook of Pharmacotherapy (2 editors)

1980, 1982, 1988

  • editor of the translation (with extensive commentaries on drugs approved in ex-Yugoslavia and Yugoslav materia medica) of D.R.Laurence and P.N.Bennett: Clinical Pharmacology

1981 –

  • project co-ordinator at the Croatian Science Foundation; member of the Programme Council

1981 –

  • editor-in-chief of "Pharmaca"

1981 – 1991

  • chairman of the Croatian Drug Committee


  • temporary adviser of the WHO "Consultation on the Scheme for the Scientific Evaluation of Drugs", Copenhagen

1983 – 1986

  • member of the WHO Collaborative Centre for Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Group, Uppsala

1983, 1985, 1989

  • co-editor: Manual of Internal Medicine, special chapter "Clinical Pharmacology"


  • chairman of one croatian Drug Committee (Zagreb) and of the Committee for Drug Therapy and ADR (later for diagnostic standards too) of the Federal Institute for Health Protection, Belgrade


  • editor of "Clinical Drug Trials" (1008 p.), first such book in ex- Yugoslavia
    • collaborator, a Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs, Excerpta Medica, Amsterdam, basic publication for adverse drug reactions research
    • editor-in-chief of Drug Bulletin, Drug Committee of Clinical Hospital Centre and Clinical Hospital "Merkur" Zagreb


  • president of the Chair for Internal Medicine, University of Zagreb Medical School


  • editor "News in Pharmacotherapy (booklet 200 pp)

1987 – 1989

  • president of the Commission for Scientific Activities of the Zagreb Medical School

1987, 1988, 1989

  • member of the WHO Narcotics Committee, Geneva


  • coordinator of the Yugoslav part of a several years lasting study"The role of legislation in the field of benzodiazepines" organized by the WHO in ex-Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of Germany, Nigeria and Turkey

1989 –

  • president of the Teaching Commission of Zagreb Medical School


  • corresponding member of ex-Yugoslav (now Croatian) Academy of Arts and sciences


  • editor-in-chief of the handbook "Internal medicine, diagnostics and therapy" (1800 pp, 2 volumes)

1992 – 1999

  • Drug commitee of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, member

1993 – 1996

  • Croatian Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy, president

1995 – 1999

  • co-editor Meyler's Side Effects of drugs XIII.ed. Amsterdam, Elsevier
    • member of the Executive Committee European Association of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

1995 –

  • National Health Council Republic of Croatia, member
  • Executive Committee of the Croatian Medical Chamber, member
  • Committee for medical ethics and human rights Croatian Medical Chamber, chairman


  • Working group for preparation of National policy, chairman
  • co-editor Clinical pharmacology text book Mc-Graw Hll, Milano


  • - co-editor Croatian Drug Formulary, MedEkon Zagreb 2000


  • Drug Committee of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, chairman