Old and rare books


Old and rare books are stored in the safe. Among other titles the Collection includes first editions of works by:

    Dominko Zlatarić, Hanibal Lucić, Andrija Čubranović, Marin Držić, Juraj Baraković, Marko Marulić, Matija Divković, Faust Vrančić, Matija Vlačić, Petar Zrinski, Pavao Ritter Vitezović, Ivan Lucić, Baltazar Krčelić etc.

The Collection includes 35 incunabula, among them one copy of the first Croatian printed book Misal po zakonu rimskoga dvora from 1483. The rich collection of the 16th century books comprises 331 titles, and that of the 17th century 483 titles. The 18th and 19th century rare books, especially Croatian titles, are especially numerous.


Bibliographic data of most old and rare books are included in the old alphabetic and classified catalogue, available in the reading-room. Since 2000 the Library started the new electronic catalogue of the Collection. The new catalogue includes mainly data on Croatian rare books printed in the 17th and 18th century, which were not included in the old catalogue.


Because circulation of the books from the safe takes place only once daily, they have to be ordered for reading at least one day earlier.