Nada Klaić (Zagreb 1920-1988)


Prof. Dr. Nada Klaić, university professor and one of the most prominent Croatian medievalists, graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, the same faculty where she was involved in teaching for 45 years. She started her teaching and scientific career at the Faculty's Department of History in 1943 to become a full professor of the Croatian medieval history in 1969. This position she held until her death in 1988. Paralelly she taught several years at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar. Numerous generations of her students remember her as an excellent teacher, committed to transferring the love for studying of the past and for scientific research.
Since 1946, when she took her doctor's degree with the thesis Political and Social System of Slavonia during the Arpáds' Rule, she was for several decades engaged in research of the Croatian medieval history. Nada Klaić gathered the results of her extensive analytical investigations, published first in journals and proceedings, in outstanding monographs and surveys of Croatian history. Just to mention here, among other titles, the books:

  • Sources for Croatian history of the year 1526,
  • Kastav in the Middle Ages,
  • Koprivnica in the Middle Ages,
  • Sketches of Vukovar in the Middle Ages,
  • Trogir in the Middle Ages,
  • Zadar in the Middle Ages to 1409,
  • History of Zagreb. Book 1 (Zagreb in the Middle Ages),
  • Medvedgrad and its proprietors,
  • The History of Croats in the Early Middle Ages,
  • The History of Croats in the Late Middle Ages,
  • Peasants' Rebellions in Croatia in the 17th century,
  • Vinodol : since Antiquity to the Time of the Princes of Krk and the Statute of Vinodol,
  • Medieval Bosnia : Political Status of Bosnian Sovereign to the Coronation of Tvrtko

    books that have to be consulted in any further study of the Croatian medieval history.





    The family of Prof. Nada Klaić donated a part of her private library to the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts with the wish to be stored in the Academy's Library as a separate memorial unit under her name. The collection includes mostly historical books, journals and offprints but a smaller part belongs also to other disciplines. The catalogue of the Collection contains to this day a small part of the donation but it will be continued in the future to include finally the whole donated collection.