Department of Philological Sciences

The Institute for Scientific Work in Varaždin

Head of: Stjepan Damjanović, F.C.A.
Director: Ph.D. Vladimir Huzjan,

Vladimira Nazora 14, 42000 Varaždin
Phone +385(0)(42)214503
Fax +385(0)(42)214503

The Institute for Scientific Work in Varaždin was founded in 1983. Its members encourage, coordinate, and publish the results of scientific work, with the goal of making the institute an important center of scientific research in northwestern Croatia. Furthermore, the institute organizes scientific meetings, conferences, and publishing activities.

The institute cooperates with all scientific, cultural, and other institutions which deal with the same fields. Its library and documentation provide the basis for a wide range of activities in the fields of history, archaeology, music, literature, art history, economy, medicine, culture, etc. Numerous collaborators from all fields of science and culture have supported the work of the institute and determined its future tasks. In the short period since its foundation, the institute has justified its existence by encouraging research and bringing together collaborators from various fields.

Palace Keglević in Varaždin,
headquarters of the Institute for Scientific Work



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