Institute for Quaternary paleontology and geology - more about

Founded: 1955

Research - team :

Technician:  Mateo Petrović

Research subjects :

  • Quaternary biostratigraphy
  • Paleoecology and Paleozoogeography
  • Microevolutionary processes
  • Taphonomy
  • Human and faunal migrations

Main project:

  1. Correlation of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic of the Continental and Coastal Croatia (project leader: Dr. Dejana Brajković; project in financial support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports No. 101-2690680-2270), from January 2007 till December 2013.

Project of other Institution:

        1.  Standardisation and applied investigation of Quaternary sediments in Croatia (project leader: Dr. Lidija Galović, Croatian Geological Survey, Zagrebu), researcher on the project: Dr. Jadranka Mauch Lenardić, since 2014.

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