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Head of: Nikola Ljubešić, F.C.A.
Director: Ph.D. Jelena Kralj

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The Institute of Ornithology was founded in 1901 as the Croatian Ornithological Center. Its activities focus on systematic ecological, faunistic, and taxonomic ornithological research; since 1910 it has explored the migratory systems of birds in Croatia. The Ornithological Station on the island of Cres has been part of the Institute since 1996.

The institute has the most complete ornithological library in this part of Europe (over 3,000 books and 400 periodicals). It receives 260 foreign periodicals and about twenty from Croatia in exchange for the Institute's annual journal Larus (published since 1947), which contains scientific articles, announcements, reviews, etc.

The institute collections are valuable for their numerous samples (over 8,000, the oldest dating from the nineteenth century) which were collected in Croatia and neighbouring countries, and even in northern Europe.

Other important activities of the institute include bird protection (ornithological natural reserves, environmental protection in general), education and popularization, as well as work on Croatian ornithological terminology.


Gyps fulvus, a bird which is studied and protected by the Academy's ornitologist



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