Department of Social Sciences

The Institute for Historical Sciences in Dubrovnik

Head of: Nella Lonza, F.C.A.
Director: Ph.D. Vesna Miović,

Lapadska obala 6, 20000 Dubrovnik
Phone +385(0)(20)356222

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The Institute for Historical Sciences in Dubrovnik was founded in 1949. Its activities focus on the systematic exploration of the history of Dubrovnik and the Ragusan Republic ranging from political, economic, legal, and demographic history to the history of art and literature and the history of everyday life. The results of its research are published in the periodicals Anali (in Croatian) andDubrovnik Annals (in English), and in special editions of the series Monumenta historica RagusinaMonografije (Monographs), Prilozi demografskoj povijesti Dubrovnika i okolice (Contributions to the Demographic History of Dubrovnik and its Surroundings) and Pretisci (Facsimile Editions).

The Institute is located in the Sorkočević family's Renaissance summer residence on the Lapad peninsula. It has a rich library and several library and archival collections (the Ivo Bizzara Library, the Petar Hektorović Archives, etc.).

The Institute furthermore comprises the Collection of Baldo Bogišić in Cavtat.



Summer house Petar Sorkočević in Lapad



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