Department of Social Sciences

The Historical Sciences Division

Head of: Željko Tomičić, F.C.A.
Director: Ph.D. Damir Karbić,

Strossmayerov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb
Phone +385(0)14895196

The Historical Sciences Division was founded in 1948 as a part of the Archives, the Oriental Collection, the Laboratory for the Restoration of Manuscripts and Archival Documents and the Filigree Technology Cabinet. Its main aim is to study the Croatian history, publish historical sources, and elaborate and develop historical methodology with a special emphasis on auxiliary historical sciences. The division's activities focus on three principal areas of responsibility: the systematic publishing of historical documents and sources, the production of manuals and aids for historical research, and work on historical studies, syntheses, and monographs. During its fifty-eight years of existence, the Historical Sciences Division has published major Croatian works from the past that are of permanent value. The division's library, with its holdings of about 47,000 valuable history books and current periodicals, is also the venue of scientific meetings and symposia on history. Through its publishing activity and offering of expert advice, the division has established numerous contacts with collaborators from Croatia and abroad, with whom it whole-heartedly maintains professional co-operation.


updated: 05/14/09


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