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The researchers at the Division for the History of Natural and Mathematical Sciences study the lives and work of Croatian scientists from past ages who were active at home and abroad. Their research is based on archival sources, manuscripts and printed works, treatises and correspondence between Croatian scientists and scientists in other countries. The work and activities of particular Croatian scientists are evaluated and interpreted by comparison to the level of European science and knowledge in their respective historical periods. In this way, the researchers can determine the presence and importance of Croatian scientists within the framework of European scientific trends, and their contribution to Croatian natural-historical and mathematical heritage, as well as to cultural, historical, and social heritage.

The research also focuses on the development of the Croatian scientific milieu, the founding of organized scientific centers, such as ecclesiastical schools, seminars, academies of science, societies for natural history, institutes, museums and universities, and their promotion of science in Croatia through the centuries.

To achieve this aim, documentation is collected which consists of the correspondence, manuscripts, works, and treatises of Croatian scientists of past ages.


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