Scientific Council for Agriculture and Forestry

President : Slavko Matić F.C.A.

Vice-chairmen are Franjo Tomić, F.C.A. and Prof. Dr. Milan Oršanić
Secretaries are Prof. Dr. Tajana Krička and Dr. Sc. Joso Gračan

The Scientific Council for Agriculture and Forestry was founded in 1992 with the aim of becoming a forum for scientists and other experts to facilitate tackling and solving current scientific and expert issues related to the scientific areas of agriculture and forestry.
The Council activities are defined by the Department of Natural Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, particularly when concerning organising scientific and expert meetings as well as round tables, publishing scientific and professional books, co-operating with other scientific institutions, issuing public releases, and other scientific and professional events.
The Council currently numbers 35 members.

Council Sections:
  1. Section for Herb Production – Head: Prof. Dr. Sc. Zdravko Matotan
  2. Section for Livestock Farming – Head: Prof. Dr. Sc. Boro Mioč
  3. Section for Processing of Agricultural Products and Biotechnology – Head: Prof. dr. sc. Duška Ćurić
  4. Section for Agricultural Management – Head: Dr. Sc. Mario Njavro
  5. Section for Forestry – Head: Igor Anić, F.C.A.
  6. Section for Forest Use – Had: Prof. Dr. Sc. Ivica Grbac


Contact person: Nena Bogdanić, Phone/Fax 48 95 178; E-mail


 updated: 07/04/12
date: 06/15/09
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