Committe for Defining the Existence of an Act Contrary to the Status and Dignity of a Member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

President : Stjepan Damjanović F.C.A.

Members of Committee

  • Nikša Stančić, F.C.A.
  • Ivo Šlus, F.C.A.
  • Vlatko Silobrčić, F.C.A.
  • Marko Šarić, F.C.A.
  • Stjepan Damjanović, F.C.A.
  • Tonko Maroević, F.C.A.
  • Branko Kincl, F.C.A.
  • Ruben Radica, F.C.A.
  • Marin Hraste, F.C.A.



date: 05/05/11
D. Torbica, web editor