Department of Technical Sciences

Secretary: Ignac Lovrek, F.C.A.
deputy secretary: Vlasta Piližota, F.C.A.

Zrinski trg 11, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385(0)14895172
centre: +385(0)14895111

Entitys in composition:

Members of the Department of Technical Sciences carry out scientific research within the framework of the Academy's scientific councils, institutes and committees, and faculties at the universities of Osijek, Rijeka, Split and Zagreb. The scientific research activities include the following areas: bio- and food technology; naval architecture; materials, material processing and production engineering; development of crude oil and gas economy, energy and environmental protection; applied and experimental mechanics; traffic and transport development; computer science, information and communication technology and network science. General topics of science and education related to technology, innovation and economic development, in particular growing industries and emerging technologies, are explored as well.

Scientific councils associated with the Department, the task of which is to encourage, organize, coordinate and assist research, bring together several hundred eminent scientists and experts in the fields of technical and biotechnical sciences. The Department members take leading roles in the work of the following scientific councils: Scientific Council for Croatian Research Infrastructure; Scientific Council for Crude Oil, Gas Economy and Power Supply; Scientific Council for Maritime Affairs; Scientific Council for Traffic; and Scientific Council for Technological Development. These scientific councils contribute significantly to the activities and recognition of the Department of Technical Sciences.

Since 1997, when the Department was founded as a separate Academy unit, prominent Croatian scientists have been members of the Department – deceased fellows of the Croatian Academy Hrvoje Babić, Vojislav Bego, Tomo Bosanac, Petar Krešimir Čolić, Dragutin Fleš and Vladimir Matković. The Academy's most distinguished former members, who have contributed significantly to technical sciences, are – among others – Nikola Tesla and Hrvoje Požar.


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