Department of Technical Sciences

Secretary: Ignac Lovrek, F.C.A.
deputy secretary: Vlasta Piližota, F.C.A.

Zrinski trg 11, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385(0)14895172
centre: +385(0)14895111

Entitys in composition:

Members of the Department of Technical Sciences carry out research within the framework of the Academy's scientific councils and committees, or at their institutes and faculties at the Universities of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, and Osijek, at  the Hrvoje Požar Institute for Energy or at the INA Research and Development Institute. The scientific research activities of the department members include explorations in the field of digital signal and image processing, the reconstruction of voltage balance of 100 kV and weights at 1 kg, which will enable them to participate in the definition of a new mass unit of measure. The fields of oil and gas mining are also explored, as well as the synthesis and characterization of new polymers. One study is dedicated to the strategic development of traffic routes in the Republic of Croatia, based on the GSP network project of the first order for the Republic of Croatia and the GSP network for the town of Zagreb. Some of the department's research focuses on the thermal treatment and modification of the surface layer of metals and the exploration of diamond implement wear as a result of the milling of turbine blades out of titan alloys and stainless steel. Gene expression in plants is also studied, as well as the inhibition of enzyme decomposition of food, of energy resources development, environmental protection, and the development of non-linear numerical models for estimating the bearing capacity and stability of wooden and reinforced concrete structures. In the field of naval construction, the reliability of numerical methods for the dynamic analysis of naval structures are studied.

The department is futhermore active through the work of its special unit the Institute for Corrosion Research and Desalinization in Dubrovnik.

The department members take active part in the work of scientific councils for: technological development, crude oil, power supply, traffic, agriculture and forestry, maritime affairs, and telemetry and photointerpretation.

The department's most distinguished former members are among others Nikola Tesla, andHrvoje Požar.

updated: 07/11/08


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